Frequently web-pages are cliched carbon-copies of things we think marketers are supposed to say, and these methods don't really work for a highly technical audience. The result is readers tune them out and things become ineffective. Explaining highly-technical products and making them inspire users can be a challenge.

We create authentic content that does work, that explains products in a way users can understand them and makes them want to use them. We write content with a very high attention to detail that works for both end-user and buyer-audiences simultaneously, and avoids cliched marketspeak.

We develop content plans that readers with multiple learning-style preferences encouraging maximum communication effectiveness, not just trying to route a user to a call-to-action button. Readers are unlikely to want to have a conversation just because a web page is vague - we want them to because they are really excited about what a product could do for them.

Here is a  typical structure for new projects:

  1. High-bandwidth (i.e. video chat) discussions/interviews with members of your team to understand the product, market, user base, and goals. Good candidates for interview discussions can include the executive team, product management, support, sales, development, and QA!
  2. Research, understand market positioning, and competitive landscape
  3. Share analysis, thoughts, follow up questions, and more research
  4. Develop a suggested navigation structure and outline, identifying knowledge gaps, goals, questions readers may be looking for answers to, and suggested solutions. 
  5. Discuss ideas with the team and decide on a direction
  6. Build text content as a Word document or un-styled Hubspot website, with draft sketches of suggested architectural diagrams and other additions - does not include graphic design or layout services (feel free to work with your favorite designers!).
  7. Opportunity for team comment/discussion
  8. Tweaks/edits/modification
  9. Handoff

A typical engagement should last about 3-4 weeks start-to-finish.  We offer predictable value-based pricing with up-front estimates.  Basic projects pricing starts around $6000, and does not include documentation websites (see separate offering/pricing), video, graphic design (feel free to use your favorite graphic designer), or ongoing blog/social content.